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Established 2004 - Celebrating 10 Years
Professional Event Catering in London

On the 2nd June 2014 we celebrated The Cook & The Butler's 10th Birthday.
This is a wonderful opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers and staff
for 10 years support, and we look forward to the next exciting "10 years".

The Cook & The Butler's 10th Birthday

Best Wishes and best Regards to all,

Mark Grove


Are you looking for a professional company to handle your event catering in Central London? The Cook & The Butler is an experienced catering company that can handle a wide range of events – from an intimate dinner to a sit-down meal for hundreds. With fresh ingredients sourced from London food markets and exacting attention to detail, you can be sure that The Cook & The Butler will give you the event catering that Central London clients are looking for.

The very best in event catering

Central London hosts hundreds of events every day – from client lunches to ceremonial dinners. All of these events need to be catered – whether it’s a range of canapés or a three course meal. Event catering in Central London is a competitive business and clients can find it difficult to know who to choose. The best advice is to go for a company that has both the culinary and the event management experience to provide you with a whole package that takes the worry away from you. The Cook and The Butler can offer event catering to Central London companies that includes:

• Canapés - for a range of occasions and designed to your requirements if needed.

• Finger buffets - a selection of menus for both hot and cold buffets.

• Dinner menus - beautifully created and balanced dinner menus including freshly baked breads, coffee and truffles.

• Wine list - The Cook and The Butler will liaise with you to ensure that you have all the help you need choosing the appropriate wine to go with your canapés or meals.

To find out more about The Cook and The Butler, or to enquire about event catering, call them today on 020 7620 1818 or email

Event catering – Central London venues

Whilst The Cook and The Butler can cater for events at a wide range of locations, they have also secured the catering at several prestigious Central London locations:

• Livery Halls - London is home to a number of Livery Halls, all of them historic and stunning settings. The Cook & The Butler can arrange event catering in Central London Halls such as the Armourers’ Hall, The Bakers’ Hall, the Brewers’ Hall, The Carpenters’ Hall and the Glaziers’ Hall, along with the London Guildhall itself. There are several other venues that clients can use for their functions.

HQS Wellington

HQS Wellington - The Cook & The Butler venue catering

The Cook & The Butler Event Company is Caterer onboard the Head Quarters Ship - home of The Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

The Cook and The Butler is a proud sponsor of - an index of London Livery Companies and a vital resource for company masters.

Recent Events

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The Cook and The Butler's catering staff - keeping to time

TC&TB Management - Keeping to time.

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